Navy Education Society
Major Improvements Initiated to Transform NCS' Into World Class Schools.

Major improvement measures initiated wef Oct 17 onwards with a view to transform Navy Children Schools (NCS’) into world class schools, are listed in the succeeding paragraphs.

Curriculum Standardisation
  • Standardisation of Streams and associated Optional Subjects across all Senior Secondary NCS’.
  • Introduction of NCERT Textbooks for the Classes I to XII with a view to standardise quality of education at NCS’.
  • Promulgation of Month-wise Split-up Syllabi for All Classes NCS’ to follow accordingly.
  • Conduct of Internship Programmes during Summer Vacations for Class 12 Students.
  • Promulgation of Academic Targets for the Classes VI to XII for all NCS’ to achieve.
Curriculum Implementation/Monitoring
  • Grouping of the teachers into department based on subjects and nomination of senior most as HoD.
  • Weekly checking by HoDs and Monthly by Principal, class and home works of their students.
  • Nomination of teachers as Class Coordinators to ensure uniform coverage of syllabi and activities for each classes.
  • Standardisation of teaching loads of teachers as per the norms of affiliating authority ie CBSE.
  • Constitution of Academic Monitoring Committee headed by Chairman to monitor academic performance of the teachers on a quarterly basis and institute corrective measures.
Conduct of Tests and Examinations
  • Conduct of weekly Class-Tests for the core subjects of classes VI to XII by all NCS’ to monitor effectiveness of teaching.
  • Conduct of Common Final Exams by NES for Classes VI to IX & XI and Pre-Board for Classes X & XII, at all NCS’ to ascertain quality of education across all NCS’.
  • Analysis of Results of Classes VI to XII Exams and suggestion of relevant corrective measures to concerned NCS’.
  • Identification of weak students at the beginning of the year and conduct of remedial classes for these students after school hours.
Improvement of Academics
  • Reduction of class-sizes from 40 to 35 students per section with a view to enhance individual attention of teachers for students.
  • Standardisation of the teacher-students and teacher-class ratios with a view to facilitate effective teaching.
  • Increased frequency of teacher evaluation – two times for the existing teachers and four times for new ones.
  • Introduction of one-hour stay-back per week by teachers to take remedial classes and attend workshops etc.
  • Enhancement of Cash Awards for Students standing first among NCS’ and in respective Schools by NES and NWWA.
  • Introduction of the Best Principal Award for the Principals which display the best academic performance of their schools in respect of Class 10 & 12 CBSE Exams.
Management of School Staff
  • Upgradation of the Eligibility Conditions for Recruitment of New Teachers by Managements of respective NCS’.
  • Standardisation of the types of appointments of new teachers in NCS’ wef AY 2018-19.
  • Conduct of Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) by NES with the help of professionals and agencies to improve the quality of Teachers at NCS’.
  • Conduct of Common Written Tests by NES for Selection of New Teachers by NCS’.
  • Implementation of the Pay & Allowances for teachers of NCS’ at Par with the respective State Govt Teachers.
  • Introduction of “Outstanding Teacher Awards” for NCS Teachers meeting NES targets.
  • Recognition of Services of experienced teachers, moving from NCS to another and joining the NCS at Next Duty Station.
  • Encouragement of teachers to pursue higher education and research projects and write research papers and All India Professional Exams etc.
  • Introduction of Long Service Medals for the employees of NCS’ on completion of 10/20/30 years in respective schools.
  • Linking of performance of staff with annual increments, and termination their services if individual does not get annual increments for three consecutive years, following due procedure.
Improvement of Infrastructure/Facilities
  • Constitution of School Development Committee to facilitate the progressive development of NCS’ as per their MLUPs.
  • Installation of Smart Boards in all classrooms and digital content in all NCS’ for teachers to use technology for teaching.
  • Implementation of ERP Software with Mobile App to facilitate online administration of NCS’ and monitoring of their functioning and performance by NES.
  • Setting up of Resource Room in NCS’ for their teachers to prepare their lessons for teaching and students for competitions etc.
  • Enhancement of security of students in NCS’ by installation of CCTV Cameras to provide a 360-degree view of their campuses and along their boundary walls.
  • Provision of a facility for online payment of school fee by the parents from anywhere anytime.
  • Provision of access to IN Digital Library by NES for access by the teachers and students from anywhere anytime.
  • Redevelopment of websites of NES & NCS’ to provide school related information and to integrate it with School ERP System.
  • Set up of Career Counselling Department in all 10+2 level NCS’ for providing Career Counselling to Classes IX to XII students.
  • Introduction of Career Counselling facility through a common professional agency for the Class IX-XII students at NCS’ at a 60% subsidised rates.
  • Introduction of Biometric Attendance System for marking and recording keeping of the attendance of school staff.
All-Round Development of Students
  • Introduction of well-structured physical education programme in NCS’ with the help of professional agency with a view to improve physical fitness and health of students
  • Introduction of Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) programme in NCS’ with a view to inculcate reading habits among the students.
  • Introduction of assorted Hobby Clubs as per student’s choices & ensure that every student learn 2-3 hobbies before leaving the school.
  • Introduction of “Sailing” as a hobby for the students of NCS’ to pursue it with the help of INSA if existing in that station.
  • Introduction of educational trips abroad for students besides the conduct of similar trips within our country.
  • Introduced “Ana Pana Meditation” for students and a 10-Minute Shramdaan by students in NCS’ wef AY 2018-19.
Parent-School Interactions
  • System in place for the parents to monitor academic progress, home-work, coverage of curriculum and schedule of exams of their children, and forward their feedback to the school, from anywhere anytime through School App.
  • Conduct of orientation programmes for all the parents and the new teachers joining the school, wef AY 2018-19.
  • Periodic conduct of Parent-Teacher Meetings to seek feedback and improve quality of academics in NCS’.
  • Nomination of Parents as “Parent Coordinator” for each Class to interact and resolve problems reported by the parents of respective class teachers. Introduced a simple and responsive online feedback system for the parents to give feedback to Management of NCS’.
Administrative Improvements
  • Promulgation of a common Vision to transform all NCS’ into World Class Schools by 2020.
  • Conduct of Annual Academic Audit of NCS’ to check adherence of NES Guidelines and quality of education imparted by NCS’.
  • Standardisation of working hours, duration and number of periods to be conducted for all NCS’ as per the CBSE norms.
  • Implementation of optimal teacher-to-class ratio in all NCS’ with a view to optimise strength of their teachers.
  • Introduction of two staggered short-breaks for Senior and Junior Students to avoid bullying of junior students by seniors and facilitate more time for refreshment etc.
  • Provision of school bus monitoring facility through school bus contractors for the parents to monitor arrival/departure of school buses and not to wait at bus stops for long time.
  • Standardisation and establishment of teaching-learning facilities at per CBSE Norms, namely, library and labs etc.
  • Provision of world-class washrooms facilities for girl and boy students separately, and clean drinking water facility.
  • Setting up of systems and procedures in place to make the NCS’ a safe and secure place for students.
  • Maintenance of a green and clean campuses of NCS’ with the help and support school staff/trade.
  • Introduction of Dress Code for the staff members of NCS’.
  • Planned designing and introduction of new school uniforms for NCS’ and NKGs wef Apr 19.
  • Planned setting up of Video Conferencing Facility at NCS’ for conduct of workshops, meetings, remedial classes etc.
  • Planned ISO 9000 Certification in NCS’ with a view to standardise their systems, processes and procedures.