Navy Education Society
Management Committee
  • Advisory Committees :- Two advisory committees shall function to assist the NES Governing Body. The advisory Committees shall meet before the NES Annual Governing Body meeting and recommend various aspects of School functions as mentioned below:-
  • Academic Advisory Committee (AAC):- A committee comprising of all the Principals/HMs of NCS’ and two co-opted Educationists shall function as the AAC, which shall advise the Governing Body about the academic and co-curricular programmes of NCS’ at every level in the Navy. The committee shall help prepare guidelines for implementation of academic programmes so as to develop the NCS’ as 'Schools of Excellence' in the context of the National goals of education and to promote national integration. The meeting of AAC would be generally held once in a year along with NES conference, preferably in the month of Nov
  • Management Advisory Committee (MAC):- Chairman/Vice-Chairman, SMCs of NCSs shall constitute a MAC which shall have one financial expert as well as a curator as its ex-officio members to scrutinize the following and shall meet under the chairmanship of the senior most member:-
    • The accounts and budget estimates of the Schools under NES and make recommendations to the Governing Body for new expenditure on account of major work for specific schools.
    • To recommend the work policy of the NES so as to approve the work programme. The committee shall prescribe norms for issue of administrative approval and expenditure sanction to review the progress of construction work. The committee will also advise the Governing Body on policy matters relating to management of the schools.
  • Constitution of School Management Committee :- The Management Committee of the respective NCS’ shall be constituted in accordance with the rules of the affiliation Board and applicable provisions of respective State / Union Territory Education Act. This committee will be vested with wide ranging administrative, academic and financial powers to ensure smooth functioning of the respective NCSs. Subject to the above provisions the SMC of not more than 21 members of whom the following 12 members be nominated / elected / ex-officio:-
    • CPS at Delhi/C-in-Cs for NCSs located at :- Patron stations of Command HQs / C-in-C (HQANC) / FOGA GNA / FOKNA / CoS for outlying units - Ex officio
    • PDNE at Delhi/CoS for NCSs located at stations of:- Chairman Command Headquarters / CoS, HQANC/CSO HQGNA / CSO HQ KNA / CO for outlying Units - Ex officio.
    • DNE at Delhi / CEdOs / SO (Edn) HQGNA / :- Vice NAVCC for HQANC / SO (Edn) HQ KNA / SEdO for outlying units - Ex officio
    • JDNE (NES) at Delhi - Ex officio :- Member
    • Director of NCS / Ed Officer under NAVCC for Port Blair - Ex officio :- Member
    • XO of the Support Ship - Ex officio :- Member
    • Two Local Educationists of whom one should :- (Member be a lady) nominated by the Chairman, SMC
    • One PTA Member elected by PTA :- Member
    • Representative of NWWA / DWWA (Nominated by :- Member President NWWA / DWWA)
    • Two Teachers nominated by Principal from :- Members amongst ten senior most teachers with the longest tenure in the school in rotation
    • Principal/HM, Ex-officio :- Member Secy.
    • Remaining members as per respective State Education Act/Rules.